There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.

MYTHIC VOICE - Meditation. Music. Writing.

Kate Fitzpatrick’s work in meditation, music and writing is a whole new way of relating to the natural environment and the world of spirit.

Kate visited Kerry in 2015 to lead a retreat for women. It was a journey to connect with the spirit and healing energies of the lakes and mountains. After that she felt the draw of the mystical light in Kerry to support a change of location and in her work. A few years later Mythic Voice is a new offering and the result of this journey.

The Meditations are rooted in nature, the seasons and aim to give healing, restoration and balance. And can help to bring a sense of joy into your life.

The Music played on the fiddle and inspired by the essence of the moment, gives voice to the magic all around us. It is directed towards relaxation, healing, and inspiration for the soul.

The Writing is an expression of spirit in nature and everyday things. It is a way of bringing the subtle energies of myth, light and soul into our lives today.

Kate published a book on the Sacred Feminine in Celtic Mythology – a modern journey of healing for women. Based on the original Myth of the Goddess who gave her name to the ancient sacred site of Emain Macha in Co Armagh: Macha’s Twins, A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess.


What is New with us?

Celebrating the Flowers of the Harvest 

with Macha’s Twins




Copies of Macha’s Twins available

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Signed copies of Macha’s Twins available from Mythic Voice.

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Copies of Macha’s Twins available 

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I have longed to do this for several years – create a platform for my writing and my own mythic music. This website and the work is all about Voice. It is the voice of books, music, readings, meditations and songs. The voice of all of you who visit and connect with these offerings. The voice of the land, nature, soul and spirit. - Kate

Macha’s Twins
A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess

One woman’s journey to search for the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Celtic world. It is a living myth of the contemporary Sacred Feminine and a healing story for Ireland.

Kate’s meditations are truly inspirational and deeply healing. Her mythic voice gifts us with beautiful music, imagery and words that resonate at a soul level. Her work has supported me enormously in exploring my spiritual life in a safe, grounded way. I highly recommend all of her work and encourage anyone interested in personal growth to explore her many offerings and sign up. I am blessed to know her and to have her in my life! Thank you Kate!
Ann in Sligo, Ireland
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