About Kate

I moved to Listowel in the South West of Ireland in 2018 after twenty years of healing work in Donegal and the Northern counties. I live close to the River Feale, enjoying the peace and the soft light in Kerry. This is a time of harvest for my life’s work as I gather the threads of thirty years and begin to craft new offerings and take a gentler approach to life.

I grew up in Lisburn in the North of Ireland and spent my summer holidays in Ballycastle on the Antrim coast – where my mother was from. These early years gave me a love of the sea, the wilds and the land.

This love of the land has been a consistent thread throughout my journey in life. Originally a Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Science and Pollution Control and a lecturer on this subject, I have spent over 30 years teaching people how to connect with the healing energies of the earth.

I trained for four years with Paul Rebillot in his North American School. Becoming a Gestalt facilitator and teacher of experiential process. This work combined mythology, gestalt, theatre and ritual to create experiences of healing and transformation. I loved all of this work and applied it to the myths of Ireland, where I focused particularly on the stories of the Celtic Goddesses. Music and song is very much core to my journey.

I began to learn the violin just before my 8th birthday and continued playing music all the way through girlhood, becoming leader of the County Down Youth Orchestra in my last year of school.

Also in the US, I trained with Carol Proudfoot Edgar in Bear Medicine over a period of five years. This was a most enjoyable time. It was a female orientation to the learning of shamanism. Drawing on the strengths of women and the innate wisdom in our bodies and souls, it resonated deeply with my journey to find the feminine light in the land. In a circle of dedicated women practitioners, I was given the skills to delve deeply into the living world of spirit, nature and profound healing techniques.

I also have experience and training in Jungian Psychology, Entrepreneurship & Business development, Coaching & mentoring, team development. I love horse riding, hiking and playing music with friends.

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