Celebrating Bealtaine


The Land Returns to Light

Blossoming, Thriving & Creativity 

This is a meditation Journey to celebrate the season of Bealtaine with the Goddess Danu. In Celtic Mythology, Danu is the Mother of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The whole month of May is a time to celebrate Danu and the return of light to the land.


The Celtic Fire festival of Bealtaine marks the threshold time from winter to summer. It is a time of the ‘thin veil’ between this world and the Otherworld. Often celebrated on May 1st –  it is also possible that the energy comes in with more fullness at the first new moon after this date. The celebration of Bealtaine in a festival of Fire may have been at the full moon. 

I like to celebrate Bealtaine and Danu through the whole of May.  

Danu – the ancient Mother Goddess of Celtic Europe – is still present in the landscape in Ireland. We can sense her energy in the greening of trees, rivers flowing and flowers blossoming. In the seas, hills & mountains. Notice her light in the stillness of lakes. Green fertile landscape. The energy of soul, mellow, sensual and filled with uplift and joy.  

The dance of summer begins. 


In her sparkling magic, her spirituality is womanly, in a deep sense of the body, connected to the earth, to stones, to animals, to rhythms and the moon, the seas. Her sexual being is soft, sensual, beautiful, fertile and full.  


At this time of May she is the mistress of the sparkling dawn, the invisible Otherworld dancing just beyond us. Danu is in in the stars as well as the earth, and she is the Divine Mother holding the whole of the cosmos with her magic.


 © Kate Fitzpatrick & Mythic Voice 


May 2021 

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