On this exquisite morning of bright sunshine crisp cold and birds singing … it is hard to imagine the crisis that is in our country and in the world … writing to you from Ballinruddery in North Kerry, a little sanctuary that I am glad to be in right now …

I went up to Co Donegal at St Patrick’s Day and stopped off at Barnesmore Gap to send out prayers to the mountains …

In the Northern counties – to all of you …
Who came to the workshops over the years …
To those of you who continue to do your magnificent work –
Spiritual, dedicated, transforming work –
Keep making a difference!

I want to give a shout out and thanks to all of the people who are and have been spiritual and emotional health workers all over the world and who by their own work have helped to create an aura of light around the planet.

Thanks to those who know how to transform fear, face the shadow,
And are aware of your own process and able to manage it.
You who have been doing this transforming work that has been sent healing and light into the Earth’s energy fields for the past 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years at least.
Separate from the mainstream,
Often invisible and unseen in the work you do for humanity, please know that
Every piece of work you have tackled and mastered is now significant.

Thank you to those of you who have taken on board the healing of generations and ancestral patterns and karma. Especially in the past 12 years of Pluto in Capricorn … when the intensity of shadow was ramped up and we were squeezed more and more into uncomfortable corners …

And know you’ve done the work and you have the skills to link and connect in prayer with nature, angels, spirits, subtle energy, elements, land, myth, soul history, ancestors and many more…

Hold your light and draw on all the years of personal work
And spiritual growth
To anchor light for all.

In quiet prayer
Or meditation, or sitting in nature.
Your still presence is enough to make a difference
In the quiet corners of everyday life
Wherever you are; whomever you are with; whatever you are doing.

Pray regularly

Let it come as you sit … from your heart – not head –
And it will surface where you can direct it.
Ask the spirits to help – human heart place is prayer …
Hold your light, shine it outwards,

Send light to nature, to situations, to collectives, to the land, to countries and so on …
For the highest good.

Keep reaching for a spiritual understanding of what is happening.
Look for and ask to be shown a higher truth and clarity
That frees up the need for fear at this time.

It is a chance to reflect – deeply reflect – and release the shadows and patterns
Use it well if you can … spacious time, sacred isolation …

Look for signs of re-birth and,
Even whilst traversing the shadows however they show up for you –
Keep looking for the light on the horizon.

Thank you again to all of you for what you do to make this world a better place … Blessings, courage, connection, love, gratitude and light to you all …

At this special time of Easter …

© Kate Fitzpatrick April 2020
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