Embracing the Light – Part Three of New Earth

Thursday 12 August 2021

Greetings for another week!

 It is a fresh, mixed day of sunshine and showers in Ballinruddery today. I sense the winds of change which arrive around these days in August … Moving rapidly – the bright power of this day is urgently calling for change, for clearance, release and preparation for the next chapter. Autumn. Early on Wednesday morning, I was awake at 3am. I went outside to sit. It was warm and humid and fluffy clouds were moving rapidly in a quiet wind. Moments of Jupiter appearing to the South and stars were moving in and out of the clouds. Spots of rain. I enjoyed an hour of sitting with the night spirits and I asked the Star People to envelope me with their silver light. On Sunday last 8th Aug, we had a New Moon in Leo and a few days afterwards I felt the lift of this. Last night I saw the fingernail crescent high in the sky – in the West, as the light was fading – a bright sliver, promising new. 

Embracing the Light, I am learning to dance around the edges of the rain. 

Around each corner I am finding pockets of joy everywhere.
And the wind came this evening.
A wind not quite of this world
Soft, strong, wild and warm
Blending with it an uplift of spirit
Something clears
A New Moon.

Embracing The Light – New Earth – Part Three
Coming back to New Earth, I am again listening to Jon and Vangelis. 
“You asked me where did I fall?
I say I can’t tell you when …” (1)

The journey to New Earth and Embracing the Light  is a gradual release of denser energies and a clearing of wounds, history and habitual patterns in order to move your physical body to a place where you can hold higher vibrations of energy. It is a very slow, spiral journey. Back and forth, with many falls on the way. However, in this new light, you can manifest differently. No matter how many challenges you face – never let go of the possibility for change and the power you have to bring new energies into your life. 

In a place of stillness – Call light around you – surround yourself with it – feel it – put your roots into the ground, into the earth. If you are at home – have some amethyst at the edges of this – and if you are going out – have a protective outer edge of dark blue or black around your aura.

Visualise and send a line of golden light ahead of you when going out – with the Intention of protection.

Make every moment precious.
You don’t really know what is coming next. 
Tomorrow, next week or next month …
 All is in flux just now.
Every moment IS precious.

How would you know?

Moments of joy in your everyday life
Feel these in your body – light, lift, and wellbeing
Upsurge of positive energy, 
Life force pulsing through.
Ease, smiling, trust
Kindness, lighter, flow.
Sometimes quiet peace.
Confidence, trust, happy.

New Earth is a place I can reach in Meditation or by stopping for stillness in nature or quiet places. In other words, when I claim back my sovereign power to live the life I was born to live. A higher light of the Feminine Divine governs New Earth. It is also the Christ Consciousness and the power of pure LOVE.

When you sit in silence and breathe more deeply – a doorway opens.
Have a pathway to link into spiritual light beyond you.
Go to a place either within you or out in nature and
Lean in to whatever you are feeling. Sit with this energy.
Go in as much as you need to, and separate for a time from the reality around you.
Sit with the ‘not-knowing’. Trust the Void.
Sit with the joy and take it deeply into your body.
Learn to trust the cycles you are travelling through.

Remember when you ask for help, you are assisted to release, 
And this will help you to gain a new embodiment of your own light. 
Clarity is given for your path forward.
Your inner place can be any of these and many more besides:
Resting & sleeping.
Being out in nature.
Good company nourished with light.
Have power places around your daily life
Places where you can stop and gather in your energy. 
When needed or ‘called’ – the more you go ‘in’ –
The more you will change your energy and vibration.

The more often you answer the call to Stop and go to your special place,
The more easily your outer reality will change.
And you will manifest new things.
According with your inner truth. 

This is a journey of Ease, Flexibility and Mastery.
Because you are now working with energy.

“And if my spirit is lost?
How will I find what is near?” (1)

Teach yourself by trial and error to navigate these changes, 
The river rapids, the weather and the moods. 
Be prepared for anything to stay alive. 
Moving well and in good heart. 
Discern more and more:
Every day – decide
Which choice will support my spirit to be free?
Your soul, your health
What will bring ease to me?
Be ready to change plans, 
Stop and take a moment of stillness to check:
Is this Okay for me right now?
And listen to your heart for an answer.
“Somehow we’re going somewhere
Somehow we’re going somewhere.” (1)

“And at the end of these three pieces of writing I can say that, in my place of New Earth, it is music that holds me. Sometimes I even feel I am music – and every cell in my body is music … Slowly I am making my way to that place where it is more and more the core of my days … that is my New Earth.”

New Earth is no longer just a nice idea or a Utopian vision.
It has become an essential path for your spirit to stay free
From the ever rising tide of madness
And the controls of body and soul now present in our society.
These are stealthily becoming the new normal.
It is the survival of your spirit
That is at stake here against these odds.

“And if my spirit is strong
I know it can’t be long
No questions I’m not alone,
Somehow I’ll find my way home
Somehow I’ll find my way home …” (1)

With light and love,

© Kate Fitzpatrick Mythic Voice August 2021

Photo Credit – Peter Bucks on Unsplash. Thank you! 

References:  1. ‘I’ll find my way Home’ song by Jon and Vangelis from the 1981 album – The Friends of Mr Cairo. Listen on you Tube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21Qg2wYRmRc 

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