June 22 2020

Forgiveness Meditation – New Moon in Cancer

The whole situation felt so complex and so deep that I didn’t know where to begin for a meditation. And then it just came – in one word – the pure essence of what is needed:


There is a line up of energies this week – yesterday morning Sunday 21st June – was the Summer Solstice, Moon crossed the nodes in Gemini, Moon moved into Cancer, a New moon – at the very beginning of Cancer, Lunar Eclipse with the new moon.

I have thought deeply all last week about these energies and their impact on us – and I think it gives one last thread of the past 18 years journey with the Nodes in Cancer/ Capricorn patterns to be released – so I am sensing a final window between the two weeks from now to the partial lunar eclipse on Sunday July 5th (with the full moon in Capricorn and sun in Cancer along with the final eclipse of this season)– is a crucial time to complete whatever business you have been working on for the past 18 years.

A final thread –
A pivotal time for releasing karma
And the patterns from past lives.
A sense of Forgiveness
At the highest and deepest levels is now possible.
Reach, reach, and reach beyond where you have been before –
This is the time to do that!

Forgiveness is a decision – it is not a feeling – however if you haven’t processed the feelings from a situation and come to a sense of peace you cannot really forgive and be free.

The Forgiveness Meditation from Saturday 20th June is a map – a possibility to set a pattern in your energy fields to actually release yourself from the wounding energies of past hurts. It can assist your ongoing process to find peace in yourself around difficult relationships and past hurts.

These are all qualities of the Heart – Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Self-Forgiveness. And are Soul qualities related to the Angelic realm. Whereby we can ask the angels for the light and grace to receive these qualities and raise our own vibration to a sufficient level of freedom be able to release ourselves from the past.

Your soul needs truth – your soul will accept your anger if you are honest about it. And then it will ask – How are you going to work with that? And you will get help at every level – please remember the subtle difference from soul-directed action and ego-directed actions and learn to know when you are in each.

Sometimes people say sorry and you can feel a genuine forgiveness – but a lot of people don’t even realise you have been hurt by them. You can speak it – or you can shift the dynamic – or you can leave.

The bottom line is that if we do not release the negativity of such experiences – our energy fields will keep feeding that vibration and we will repeat it again in this life or even future lives. It is not your ego deciding to embark on a process of Forgiveness – your ego doesn’t want to forgive anyone – it still likes to feed a fight and justify how right you are and how wrong is everyone else – its survival depends on that.

You can keep holding the Intention that you want to be helped to do this and you want to eventually reach peace and release from that. And you can ask for grace and light to do that. There are plenty of Angels who will assist you in this process to strengthen your heart sufficiently to release yourself – and there are also plenty of demons & shadows around these days – delighted to feed on your pain and your negativity and will whisper words in your ear – “continue the fight.” You have to chose what voices you listen to. What help you reach for.

So yes it is a spiral path and an act of soul – AND you need all the ducks lined up in your heart and soul before you can truly forgive.

Forgiveness Journal
Keep a Forgiveness Journal- the process with some people takes time. The healing path is spiral and issues can come back again in different ways. Hold on!

Roses the flowers are a very high vibration of energy and they work with the heart. So are a good help to forgiveness and universal love. Rose Quartz also is also a great help and a small crystal dedicated to all of these heart qualities is a good thing.

You are not saying – It is okay what they did – Nor do you need to stay in damaging relationships. You may need out – you need to decide. And often you need help to do this. Ask for the light to help you find your truth and find the lessons in it all.

There are times you need to speak to these things and times you need to breathe and let go. Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don’t – you can over-react or you can stay silent too long – take note and keep on moving. Breathe, release, forgive, move on. Become aware of your own patterns and keep aware on a day-to-day basis.

No one can say with certainty what these things truly are about – in the cosmic realm and we all have to do only what is right for us. And if you always ask –

What is for my highest good?

Then you may find the answer that is right for you. And that is better that being guided by anyone else’s way of doing this.

Sometimes you need to speak your truth and issues can be resolved and let go of.
Other times you may need distance from someone. Other times you need to stay in this situation to learn lessons and then go free … each of us has to discern our own path – taking guidance from others but ultimately the guidance of your own soul is the true place to set your compass by.

Learn Forgiveness as an everyday practice from the small slights that happen every day – the person who pushes past you, or the one who dumps angry words on you. Make a practice of letting go easily of all of these things and notice when you are using them to off-load you own anger and to rant on and on.

Over the next six months – between these eclipses of June & July and the next season of eclipses in late November – I invite you to work with the Heart Strengthening themes of Forgiveness, Release, Reclaiming your Power and Gratitude.

Find your own highest note.

Find your own path through these issues.

These are just guidelines and random thoughts – and the meditations are simply openings to possibility.


© Kate Fitzpatrick Mythic Voice
June 22nd 2020

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