Healing Border Waters  – Mythic healing with the land

To all of you who participated in the retreats for the Border Waters: Brigid’s weekend at Upper Lough Erne in Fermanagh, the Wetlands of Ballybay in Monaghan, the journey with the land at Carlingford in Co Louth and walking with Bear in the valley of Yellow River in the Mourne mountains, Co Down.

I send these blessings and reflections for our journeys of healing. It is a time now to make closure to this work and thank you all for being a part of the journey .. It has been a week of a very powerful full moon and also it is now the final descent to winter Solstice a week hence.

I was in Inishowen, Co. Donegal, two weeks ago playing music and visiting folks. .. I had a lovely place to stay beside the Seán Ti pub in Greencastle .. and spacious time to rest and walk. Aware of being back after a long time in Kerry, I said to the Spirits of the land in Inishowen:

Is there any closure needed here after all of our work

on the Border Waters?

‘Yes indeed there is a little piece you could do –

 finish your healing journey walking along the shores of Lough Foyle.

I was shown images of both of these places – Greencastle in Co. Donegal and at Binevenagh in Co. Derry – and was reminded by the spirits how much over my years of living in Moville I had witnessed that light gathering on both sides of the Foyle.

Both of these shores on different sides of the N Irish border.

Over the years of playing music at the Seán Ti pub I had often gone for a walk along the shore path before a music session. and did some T’ai Chi at a little beach below where the pub was. Usually this was a time to gather light for the music and for healing.

Quite separately – at the Magilligan side of the Foyle – under the crest of Binevenagh Mountain – I always noticed a special light there each time I took the Ferry across. Usually going to Ballycastle for a visit.

Two weeks ago – Thursday morning Nov. 28th – having left the car into Moville for repairs and after a nice breakfast at Olivia’s café – I walked along the shore path of the Foyle Waters the whole 2 miles back to Greencastle. I saw the separate lights from both of these two places across the border waters and as I watched, I saw them joined by the spirits into one arc of pure Golden light .. a very special moment to see and I just sat and meditated with this image. It was an effortless closure to many years of work there.

It seemed to me that all of these waters that we worked with are now joined in one river of light- from Lough Foyle through the rivers of Derry, Fermanagh and Monaghan and Louth and all of the border counties that were included – Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Armagh and Tyrone, –  to Carlingford Lough.. where we finished our autumn Bear Medicine  retreat in October this year at the Yellow River in the Mournes in Co Down.

The memories are very sweet as I re-call all of this .. these journeys of healing live in my soul forever and I find that the worth of all of the magic is whispered back to me from the mountains and rivers when I return to visit the places where healing work has been done with the land and waters.

Thank you all beautiful women for being a part of the journey – two years since we started in Benburb Priory in October 2017 until October 2019 when we completed the healing ceremonies for Healing the Border Waters .. in Rostrevor.

May your own journeys continue through any darkness and challenge and out into the light of new birth, to wisdom, to joy and beauty.

May everything you have given of yourself towards the healing of this land be returned to you 1000 fold.

Enjoy the still and quiet of winter.  Rest well and trust the new possibilities  that will emerge for you in the spring of 2020..

Seasonal blessings, ease and joy to all,


© Kate Fitzpatrick Mythic Voice 2020

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