Spring 2020

During the lockdown in spring of 2020 I recorded a series of meditations that were inspired by the spirits of the river close to where I live in Co Kerry. I began to include pieces of my music to assist the relaxation and since then have been recording these meditations for audio listening.



Earth Spirit Meditation 

 Watch the video for this short meditation.


What is different about the meditations?

They are rooted in years of experience and deep foundations that connect with the spiritual energies in the land and soul of Ireland, these meditations gather energy, protect the space and will help you to feel safe and grounded in yourself.

How can they help you?

If used on a regular basis these meditations will:

  • Work over time to support ongoing wellbeing and vitality in your of life.
  • Teach you how to connect to these energies for yourself.
  • Build confidence in yourself, your skills and your wisdom.
  • Offer profound healing and restoring of the soul.

If you are a spiritual practitioner, the practice of these meditations will:

  • Deepen your connection to the spiritual energies in the land
  • Awaken your relationship to the sacred feminine
  • Give you an experience of the energies of the stars, the moon and the planets.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your own guides
  • Dovetail into your current practices
The depth and power of the meditations is remarkable. They feel intuitive and guided and have a deep resonance with body and soul. The words flow with strength, warmth and light. I feel deeply relaxed and at peace.
Colette, Edinburgh, Scotland

Coming in October 2021

A Mythic Voice  – Meditation Library 

With Meditations for people who are Beginners, Experienced Practitioners and for Advanced Practice. 

You will be able to join with a Monthly Subscription

Please Contact Kate for details

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