Celtic Goddess Danu

This is the first Meditation Journey with the Celtic Goddesses. And this is with the energy of  Danu.

 In Celtic Mythology, Danu is the Mother of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The whole month of May is a time to celebrate Danu and the return of light to the land.

Danu – the ancient Mother Goddess of Celtic Europe – is still present in the landscape in Ireland. We can sense her energy in the greening of trees, rivers flowing and flowers blossoming. In the seas, hills & mountains. Notice her light in the stillness of lakes. Green fertile landscape. The energy of soul, mellow, sensual and filled with uplift and joy. The dance of summer begins.


Kate`s work through her journeying and circle workshops expands, enfolds and encompasses, through no- nonsense creative visioning, the embodiment of the forces of Nature. Taking her energies from North to South, East to West. Tapping into that which is present in the landscape, both gentle and fierce. Reclaiming the feminine power through instinct, guidance and encouragement. It is always enlightening to be part of Kate’s work.
Agatha, Donegal
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