Mythic Music

What is Mythic Music?

“It is the spontaneous playing on my fiddle or the singing of a song that comes through in the moment. I listen to the energy around me and play it into form. I have used this music for many years as part of my work. It is a way of expressing the songs in the land and the soul and the beauty of nature the flowers, the trees, the rivers songs and music of healing - in the light and the dark. “

“Mixing and dancing inside me, I play outwards the energy of what it is I feel.”

Emerging out of lockdown and opening the doors again of St John’s Theatre, in Listowel, Kate was invited to play music as part of the evening celebrations. Joined by eleven harpers, it was a special event for everyone to come out and play live again after so many months ‘online’.

Concert for Safe Home
Ireland May 2020 During the Lockdown of spring 2020, Kate was one of the musicians invited to play in an online concert for Safe Home Ireland. A lovely summer’s evening of music for people at home and abroad.
Kate was invited by Justin Moffat and David and Angela Clarke to give a presentation of her book to an audience in the newly built visitor centre at the Hill of Uisneach.
Kate, with her fiddle, performed at the formal opening of Mary's Irish Wildflower Haiga exhibition at St. John's Theatre & Arts Centre.

What a treat! Her music is evocative of the earth, evocative of the spirits of nature. On the occasion of the opening of my art exhibition, everyone in attendance agreed that there was a beautiful spontaneity and an absorbing quality to her music. It fitted in so perfectly with the theme of the art work. I very much welcome Kate's Mythic Voice, her online creative site and I highly recommend it

Mary Lavery Carrig

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