New Earth – Facing The Shadow

Tuesday 3rd August 3, 2021

Greetings for another new month! 

With temperatures dropping as low as 13c yesterday – and a chill in the air today, it is for sure a shift into Autumn energy. This is the last week of the Cancer New Moon cycle that began on July 10th. This is the waning crescent phase and into the balsamic ending stage in a few days – a time for review, rest and renewal. Next Sunday we move into the New Moon in Leo.

There is a sense of betrayal of the summer season– been and gone like a flash of scorching heat. Yesterday, it rained all day here in North Kerry. A slow, depleting drizzle and it did not stop until early evening. I lit a fire and rested all day.  

Sitting outside in the early morning today, I remind myself that the challenge is to not resist this drastic change in the weather. There was rose pink in the sky this morning. A clean, new day. I ask for a lift to start afresh – letting go of this ache of betrayal of the summer – and, as I release the resistance, lightness comes in to my heart. It is chill in the air and my feet are cold. I am wrapped in a blanket.  However, I notice a cool sun coming in to my courtyard and with it comes a sense of stillness and peace. 

New Earth –  Facing The Shadow

Following on from last week and the words about New Earth, this piece is the second part of three. 

I can find a place inside me – a frame of being – when I am in this place I have a sense of wellbeing, a sparkle and light all through my body. I experience a state of profound joy. When I am in this place of flow I connect easily to beauty. I am in a dance with nature’s energy – singing – playing music –very much in a different world – a long distance away from the ‘norm’. This is a place of separation from the chaos and fear that is around. And yet I am not cut-off from people. Rather, I am able to easily connect, and enjoy everyone with me, around me, hearing and listening with an open heart. 

In my 30+ years of experiential teaching, facilitating and healing  – this heightened awareness, was a vibration often reached at the end of many workshops and retreats. The land around the venue would sing in harmony with us – resonating with the work of transformation – those journeys of healing where many challenges were faced and wounds released. At the closure of such effort you could reach a place of transcendence. A tranquil place of Golden Soul. Your body was filled with ease and bliss. Cells nourished, spirit strengthened, soul glowing. It was a reward for your trust in the journey of healing. Qualities of joy, peace, beauty and ease flowed in your whole being. Your mind was clear and illuminated with insight. 

We had reached into another vibrational reality – a realm apart from this everyday world. After a few days the heightened energy would slow down again and you would return to your life and settle into an ordinary vibration. And you would take weeks or months to integrate the insights and make slow, steady changes to your life. 

I always wondered – What would it take to live in this heightened energy of light and wellbeing from day-to-day? Is the light that we released outwards with intention stored somewhere in the Universe for a later date?Did the land hold it in the memory of the stones? Could we access it from the land again sometime in the future? 

I believe now that all of these experiences were opening the doorway to places of greater spiritual light. We were creating portals for new light to come in. We were already connecting with the energy of New Earth. 

Since Easter, I have been aware of huge energy shifts in the atmosphere – there are very strong solar flares and downloads of high vibration light coming onto our earth. The sunlight is no longer golden as I see it  – but white and very intense. It is more crystalline and of a high vibration. I believe we are downloading new codes of energetic patterns and the whole of humanity is shifting to a new place. 

Many folk are writing about these shifts on their websites, blogs and newsletters – astrologists are saying the movements of planets and stars just now support all of this – a new epoch coming in. (You can read this for yourself in many of the articles on New Earth.)

It is New Earth – and we are in the final stages of making this a reality. Whilst for some, the darkest shadows of male control, abuse and misogyny are surfacing everywhere across the world – this is also a clearing – a purging – of all the centuries of this energy dominating our world. We are supported by all of the cosmic shifts that are lining up for this time – the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction from last December and the Saturn/ Uranus square – active all of this year – the Pluto/Eris Square to mention a few that are ongoing and active right now – and these are all supporting the call to freedom and bringing in higher light and restoring power to ordinary people. (You can read more of this on Astrologers’ websites and FB posts)

Hold Firm!!

There is a need to anchor this light, allow it to help us release what no longer serves and to integrate a new perspective. 

And how do we do that?

You are protected to the extent that you hold your light and integrate finer and finer cycles of personal shadow. Keeping track each day – of who you are and how you are in the world. Stay free – and keep doing what you know to be true for you. 

What does it mean to keep integrating your shadow? It means being aware of yourself in various situations that are not comfortable. A part of you needs to stand outside of yourself to observe the impact of your actions on other people. It means being honest with yourself, facing these parts of you and being willing to change. Take the time to reflect on how you respond when you feel out of sorts. Can you sit in the pain or do you find distractions? If you don’t deal with your shadow you will project it onto others and even more importantly – you will be vulnerable to being influenced by the larger archetypal shadow that will project all the woes and failings of society onto other people. This is happening to a very great degree in our world culture at the current time. (Read a book and find out what it means to be influenced by the archetypal shadow.) 

Start to see what you are putting onto other people – judging is a good sign – when you are judging you are in a place of projecting your own shadow – call it back and ask – What feelings are behind my judgements here? 

What does it mean to sit in the pain? It means to not distract. But stay quiet. No need to do anything – be honest: I am in pain – is enough to help align with truth. At other times you may have to go deeper and release the feelings – tears, anger, betrayals. 

Find within yourself a kind witness – who will dialogue with you about this. Not the critical voice judging you – but a kind helper who can challenge you, whilst also helping you to expand your sense of self. Banish the critic who will hold you in bondage forever and find the voice in you that asks:- How could you do that differently? What is the pattern being shown here? Is it familiar?  It won’t get sorted in one day – so keep rooting away until you reach a clarity and eventually, supported enough by your own kind self, you are able to sayAh Yes! – I’ve got it’. 

This ‘Ah Ha’ is the key moment when the energy shifts to release. Trust those moments as Light comes in to help you. This process of honest observing will greatly enhance your ability to know when someone else is projecting their shadow onto you. 

However, as you raise your own vibrations with personal work and practices to stay in this zone of energy, you will also be hitting huge resistance from your own self and from outer forces that do not want this progression in human evolution. Keep cutting through this force – see it for what it is and stay protected. The more cycles of higher light that we enter into – the more we must accept the shadow that rises up in response. 

The forces of resistance pushing back are horrendous just now. They are coming from inside us and even more from outside. Make sure when you feel swiped – you can push out of it – from hopeless or despair – find practical tasks to lift you energy – clean the house – do the garden – wash the dishes – – go for a walk – keep moving – don’t get stuck in a freeze. 

New territory!

The pathway to New Earth in essence is a journey of the soul through darkness and shadow – to raising vibrations – learning energy work as a way to manifest rather than using the sheer will of the solar plexus. This is a pathway – over years and years – many people have been doing this journey since the 1990s. We are in a heightened stage of this work with the increasing light. Find what works for you and keep making your way through the darkness with trust and with focus. Do not fall into any collective shadow as a way to justify your certainties, nor try to move into the light as an escape from facing your own pain. 

Blessings are yours and may you be held in love and light, 


© Kate Fitzpatrick August 2021

Photo KF – Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park, Co Kerry – Spring 2018

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