New Earth 

Monday 26th July 2021

Greetings to you on this summer Monday afternoon. Here are some thoughts about New Earth. considering what New Earth is about a see hear the term more and more frequently now in the cosmic news. 

The sun has dulled a bit and yet it was still very settled and warm here in Kerry this morning. But now the rain has arrived and it is bucketing down!

Such a gift it has been to have these incredible summer days  – for growth, for heat, for wellness. I trust you are finding a path through the summer that is nourishing and supportive to you. 

I am writing here an update of energies, as I perceive them just now an dhow this relates to the concept of New Earth. There was a full Moon early on Saturday morning. A complex moon – and yet it was one with great healing and restorative power. The Moon was just into the beginning degrees of Aquarius at 1º 26’– opposite the Sun at the same degree – just in the door to Leo. The moon’s position was very close to the position of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the Winter Solstice last December 2020. This was the ‘Great Awakening’ of the new cycle that was heralded in for humanity. 

There have been huge challenges in the seven months since that time – and society is changing more than we thought possible. Some for the good and some not. Astrology points to this being a positive evolutionary upheaval to all of our culture. And as the new light is pushing in – the old is breaking down very thoroughly. Shadows are surfacing for release – both personal and collective. 

Pam Gregory believes the impact of this Moon holds echoes of the past – and echoes of the future coming into being. We are poised at a threshold – still releasing – but beginning to see what many are calling New Earth coming forth. 

If you have time right now – listen to this song before you read further – ‘I’ll find my way Home’ –by Jon and Vangelis:

Another important planetary transit this week is that Jupiter moving retrograde (appearing backwards) in Pisces for the past few months– is crossing back into Aquarius on Wednesday of this week – July 28th. This transit will further assist us in the review and integration of everything that has been a part of our journey since December. 

All of these transits are creating an opportunity to take stock of your life since the birth of new light Winter Solstice last December. Your dreams and hopes – What were they at that time?

Where are you now? 

What discoveries had you made since? 

What new things are coming into your life?

Are you expanding your spirit and soul? – As well as continuing to release the shadows of the past? And what has this time meant to you?

Who are you now?

What is New Earth? 

This is a topic – greatly in the Light Workers news at the moment.  And most would say it is a place of ‘higher vibrational frequency’ – with qualities of heaven and a ‘5D’  – (5 dimensional) frequency – where our world just now is mainly in ‘3D’ – i.e. 3 dimensional. 

It took me a while to discern what this meant for me – How did I experience it? How did I know if I was in New Earth at any time? – And how would I get there if I wanted to go? 

But I think after the seven months since the upheavals since last December– mostly a very challenging time – I am looking at a new reality and I am hoping that a New Earth is actually manifesting now here – beyond the turmoil, the chaos and the ever-present fear. 

I will write more of that in the next article. 

Blessings for now and take care – use this week to take stock and I will resume this blog with New Earth – Part Two. 


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© Kate Fitzpatrick July 2021

PHOTO -KF –  Inch beach, Co Kerry, September 2020


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