September 6, 2021

Greetings to you on this day of beautiful September sunshine. We have a New Moon in Virgo early (2.00am) tomorrow Tuesday 7th and this heralds in an autumn shift.  Once we move out of the Leo cycle – which gives us that expanded summer wellness and sense of fun, joy and holidays … now Virgo says: ‘settle down and get back to work’ – whatever that means for each of us. 

The sun and moon will both be in Virgo at the beginning of this cycle – although the sun has been in Virgo for about two weeks. Now they align and give an extra burst of Virgo energy. Earthed and content, I love the Virgo season. Hopefully as we draw into the new cycle, we can release the summer with ease and continue to be nourished by the September sunshine. No matter about all of that – August was a challenging month. This New Moon promises a positive uplift. 

Virgo is the sign of service to others. And we move from the summer fire of Leo to the earth of autumn. The sun and moon are trine to Uranus in Taurus – which gives us new shake-ups and also invites expansive and widening possibilities. Trine is a positive aspect. The Moon and sun are also opposite Neptune in Pisces – supporting an uplift of our spiritual intuition that can balance the exacting detail that Virgo demands. 

In the past few weeks I have felt a deep quiet in the atmosphere everywhere – as though we are waiting for something new to be born. The Silence before Birth is the title of the last chapter of Macha’s Twins – and this feels a little like that. Otherworldly and surreal. I had a very nice visit up North to Sligo, Inishowen and to Derry. Spending lovely time with so many treasured people. I am strengthened enormously by the love and care that was given to me. My spirit now ready to hunker in for the autumn.

Last night, I was out sitting with the stars again– about 1.30am. It is the Balsamic period of the moon cycle – the final days of the old moon of the Leo cycle. This is a time for taking stock and to just rest and be.

I hadn’t seen Stars for a long time, so heavy has been the cloud recently. 

I shrugged my shoulders – so what? – Stars. 

Even bright Jupiter did not excite me to see it so clearly up above the trees. 

Not connecting.

Too cut off and in the emptiness of myself.

We don’t know where we are going these days.’ – 

I offer to the heavens – our world in turmoil. 

And feel so small down here and perhaps no one up there might care about us anymore?  

I sit in the emptiness of myself.

That deep quiet is even more intense at night. 

A wind touches my cheek.

The deep nothingness feels warm around me. 

And gradually it gives its own comfort. 

Do nothing. Think nothing. Expect nothing. Just be in it. 

And in the stillness, 

Not connected,

It feels good to just sit.

Breathe. Now. 

When I have had my fill of this ‘nothing’ place – almost an hour later. 

I reach my hands up to the stars

Thank you’

I am connected now.

Just by being happy to be ‘not connected’,

I stand a very long time – in a nice honouring. 

Looking, seeing, feeling, loving, appreciating – the majesty of the night sky. 

Revealing something to me in my aligned nothingness. 

When I tell myself the truth, 

‘I am nothing just now’, 

I then open, to become something. 

In the past few days I am thinking very deeply about everything. Whilst loving the sunshine and the warmth … swims in the sea and a sense of renewal from my time up North. In all of this, I am trusting that something new is coming to birth.  

Enjoy your autumn days … 

Each moment is precious …

With light and love, 



© Kate Fitzpatrick – Mythic Voice –

September 2021. 

References – 

All of these are hopeful in the reading of this New Moon in Virgo. 

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Suddenly, there is intensity and power again. New plans can be made and implemented immediately, preferably on the New Moon of September 7. The Sun and Moon are then in Virgo trining Uranus in Taurus. Pragmatic action can now have a lasting effect

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