Samhain Season Meditations


Quiet beauty hidden in trees,

A fire that transforms

Patterns of trauma.

Samhain’s gifts given

When you plumb the depths.

Washed clean in a torrent of rain,

Let truth seep through.


In the period of Samhain from Nov 1st to December 21st each year there is a time of ‘going into the darkness’. I call this the ‘Samhain Descent’ – the energy of the season takes us down and inwards. The Celts believed this was a return to the womb and a necessary time of rest, release and renewal. It was the Celtic New Year at Samhain and, with respect to the feminine principle, they believed that all new life, new seeds and new possibilities begin in the quiet darkness of winter. 

Thus transformed they would move in to the spring with the toxins purged and the body restored to embrace a new year. There is a return of the light at the Winter Solstice. This marks the halfway place between Samhain and Imbolc (Feb 1st where we start to emerge fully from the grip of the winter).

I have just finished writing this piece and I look out the window and see a beautiful sunrise of soft golden light. With so much dark in the air this last week, this fills my heart with joy.  And here we are for the last series of meditations for this wondrous year 2020!! – Meditations for Deep Winter.

In the autumn series of meditations we went from Equinox to exploring the energies of the planets. For the transition to Winter we called in balance and light in order to cross the threshold at Samhain. We then found a place in the Bear Cave to dream with Starlight.

Following on from that – in this series of Meditations for Deep Winter we will connect with the energy in the cave and how best to use it to give the best possible new birth at the Winter Solstice. Asking thes equestions and getting intuitive answers that are right for us. Using this time to set your best intention for the time ahead.

Why is it a good idea to rest more in the winter?

What is winter dreaming?

How  can you connect with the spirits of winter to heal and release?

Placed also during the eclipse season, on Nov 30th & Dec 14th – these meditation journeys can give an extra surge to release karma and more of what may not serve you. Also this can be a time of reflection of the  year and help you to gather power, light and clarity to embrace the new energies that are on the horizon.

There are incredible energy waves coming into the planet at the moment.

Shifting the stuck old energies form each of us as well as the collective structures.

They are bringing in a bright high frequency.  There is a new cycle of Jupiter / Saturn coming in on 21stDecember – promising to uplift and begin a new era. Finishing an old era of over 200 years, as many astrologers would attest to.

In the run up to this, the old energies are fighting to the death.

Can we create a new unimaginable beautiful world?

Light, blessings and love to you,


© Kate Fitzpatrick, Mythic Voice. Nov. 2020.

Photo: Benburb Fire – thanks to Bernadette Mooney, Nov. 2018.

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