The Meditation for Monday 28th September will be based on the energy of the planet Saturn. This is a very strong pivotal moment in our journey – as Saturn is preparing to turn direct on Tuesday 29th –  after almost  5 months retrograde- and would be a good time to connect and strengthen our ability to benefit from Saturn – a hard taskmaster, creating restrictions, karma and heavy energy – one of responsibility, structures discipline etc .. and can feel like we are getting nowhere – especially now when it is standing still and changing direction. Saturn has been a very significant player in the Covid era – along with Pluto and Jupiter. A good energy to learn how to work positively with.  

Saturn has been in Capricorn from 21st December 2017 and it has been a long 3-year haul we have had. Over and back all this time – testing, demanding change – a tough challenging transit – and it is almost finished now – for it will move into the sign of Aquarius on Dec 21st and into a whole new era.

Saturn is about mastery and especially in Capricorn. The good news is that with Saturn turning ‘direct’ – although crawling through October – the energy of what we have been putting in place with Saturn – will start to move on a little. It will gain momentum in November and then moving steadily in December… out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on Dec 21st. It will not be back in Capricorn – for 28 or so years. (It has a 29-year cycle around the 12 signs of the zodiac)

It is especially good to take your time when you are working with Saturn energy. Breathe, let in space – do a small piece. Walk very slowly from place to place – even in your house.  Do tasks with exaggerated slowness even and you will feel the flow in a different way because you will be in harmony with Saturn’s pace.  Often you may be slowed down anyway – a strained ankle – a sore arm, a hurt foot … or any kind of accident that puts you off your feet and makes you do things slowly. Bones especially are a Capricorn area … knees, shins and spine etc.

If you can release the resistance and ask for help. It will come. Stop and listen – feel the guidance and strength of the energy – and then do what is guided – and you will feel a flow. In the shamanic perspective – to the Planets – they are helpers. You are not journeying to the sky and the planet’s spirit – in this work with the meditations – you are connecting to the energy as it appears on earth – and so it is mediated to a level that is right to work with.

There is no time limit – steady, slow, small is good enough for Saturn. As long as you see measurable progress – trust it.  The positives of learning to work with this now – in the next few months of the Capricorn Saturn are:

  • Satisfaction and a deep grounding in your body.
  • A sense of mastery in what you are slowly building.
  • A sense of order in your life – that creates a steady flow of light.
  • A strong sense of physical strength and wellbeing   – that starts in the body and then can lift upwards to the higher realms. You are rooted, stable and secure.
  • You can sustain it over time once there is a momentum from your efforts.

Let each thing, activity lead you to the next one … stay in your body and focus don’t jump ahead with your mind … be absorbed in the physical activity and let the energy of that lead you into a flow to the next thing.

These last few months of 2020 will be a good time to get your “house” in order – and all things associated with your life now. We can be laying new foundations. Health, home, work, lifestyle, rhythm and routine, family, your values, and the management of anything practical – resources, money, possessions, financial planning, building, etc.

Ask yourself:

What are you being asked to master?

And what are the foundations are you being asked to build?

Building structures – for what to be achieved?

I think it is essential now to have this for the years ahead – given the world as it is showing itself just now – use the time well.  Negotiate anything you need – you are not powerless – remember your light also – and this approach (sensible) works with Saturn – take your power and keep your balance as well as hard work – you are equal to any energy you are working with – not a victim of circumstances –  And any Saturn transit is a chance to fine-tune your relationship with the Lord of Karma…

Everything at the end of the day is about balance…. Of all of it – and with all of the energies of many planets we have to navigate – sometimes impacting intensely all at once – … it is vital that we keep our power and our light intact in the whole process we are going through. We ask for help and we also help ourselves. 

Blessings for now.


© Kate Fitzpatrick Mythic Voice, September 2020

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