Springs Quickening

Greetings to you on this lovely March day.  As we move through the season where the sun is in Pisces. It is the time where stirrings in the earth begin. Like the movements in a womb energy- it is gathering to push us into action..

I call this time Springs Quickening – it is that lovely mellow energy that comes now – as the mornings brighten early and the evenings stretch until after 6pm. Sap is rising and you feel a kick of energy shaking you out of the winter. This is ‘Pisces’ season – soft, magical, loving and kind. We feel the generosity of the Earth coming to life around us and beckoning us to a new beginning.

There are so many things to say these days as it is a disturbing kind of time. I am finding that I need to stay grounded and keep breathing at least ten times a day now – stop, wait, re-group.. otherwise I get into overwhelm very quickly. And find that I am getting nowhere – but left only with the the sense of being on a monotonous treadmill.  Slowing down, looking at nature’s beauty, listening to birds, getting up to see the dawn.. smiling, .. all help to stop this sense of chaos … 

I have been doing the online meditations now for almost a year – firstly recording them on audio when we went into lockdown last spring. Those were beautiful days – of sunshine and quiet – and I spent time at the River Feale close to my home in North Kerry and was inspired by that energy to send weekly audios out to folk and help to create a sense of meaning. 

 In the autumn I went live online with the Zoom classes and we have had five series of classes – firstly through the autumn and then Deep winter. And two gatherings for the Solstice. All of that time in late 2020 had an urgency to stay with a thread of incoming light and hope and release and healing. The Meditations for Spring in February this year – just completed – were mostly with the Goddess Brigid – and we garnered support for the spirit. All of us now, I think, needing strength to keep going and and stay motivated. 

 It has been a privilege to have been a guide in this most special of years. Thank you to all of you who participated in this journey. All of this creative work, the connection with nature and the journey with a small group of people inspired me to create a website – as a platform to offer this outwards. In the autumn of this year – I focused on creating this new website for Mythic Voice. It was a roller coaster journey into a new realm of technical skills, recording videos, marketing and much more. The reaching out about this website has been a slow process for me since we went live in December -just gradually sending out to the folk I know  Hey have look at this!”— and I continued doing the Zoom classes online.

In the past few weeks, however, I have realised that I want to dedicate more time to recording the meditations and making them available on the website – all of the ones in a year – so I have over 50 of these to gather, re-record and put with music and in some cases do a video. I also have been recording music and wish to do more of that also – but I am finding that the online live classes take a lot of time and energy in research and preparation. I really enjoy the flow of these, the teaching  and the connection with everyone who takes part and now I am yearning to do more of this lovely creative work that so inspired the website – the techniques of technical mastery – recording, composing music and so much more.  

I will be finishing up with live classes with a final few evenings of the Meditations for March and, along with a second series – 

Creativity and Flow of the Meditations for Beginners – https://www.mythicvoice.ie/product/meditation-for-beginners-2

and a final morning session of Easter Light . 

I am very happy to have this lovely website Mythic Voice to offer my work from. Thanks to Aidan O’ Carroll and his team at Avalanche Designs for the design and build of it and also for their ongoing support in teaching the editing skills to manage this content and eCommerce on a day-to-day basis. I absolutely love it. And, as it all took shape around me, I feel as though I have had a ‘wondrous year’ .

‘Thank you’ to all of you who have participated in this journey with me through the past year. It was your interest and commitment and feedback that has helped to create and shape this vision.  I feel privileged to have journeyed with you through this incredible year of change and transformation.

I am also very happy to welcome any of you reading about this work for the first time. Welcome! to you on a journey that I trust will unfold over the coming years with this ongoing work of creating music in nature; continuing my writing to craft my book on ‘Goddess Brigid’; the recording of meditation journeys of healing and the inspiration through the seasons and energies of nature with the Celtic Goddesses and the elements. 

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 Blessings, light and love,


 © Kate Fitzpatrick –  Mythic Voice 2021-  https://www.mythicvoice.ie

1. Meditation For Beginners – Series Two – Creativity and Flow – – https://www.mythicvoice.ie/product/meditation-for-beginners-2/

2. Avalanche Website Design – https://avalanchedesigns.ie

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