Macha's Twins

Macha’s Twins
A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess

One woman’s journey to search for the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Celtic world. It is a living myth of the contemporary Sacred Feminine and a healing story for Ireland.

Clodagh Finn author of Through Her Eyes, A New History of Ireland in 21 Women

“Kate Fitzpatrick has introduced a new generation to Macha, the Ulster goddess who gave her name to the city of Armagh as well as the ancient capital of Ulster, Navan Fort, on its outskirts. Her book Macha’s Twins is a beautifully written and revelatory account of this mythical figure. but also a heartrending account of her own journey to ‘heal the wounds of the female spirit,’ as she puts it. Those wounds have never been more exposed, as the recent mother and baby homes controversy has shown. In her time, Macha was dishonoured by the male powers of the day that forced her to race against the king’s horses while heavily pregnant.

“Kate Fitzpatrick, however, has reclaimed Macha’s power and shown that it is there for the claiming by every Irish woman alive today. Macha’s Twins is a must-read for our times.”

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